Jan 17, 2015

Pikes and Flies

I sorted out some memorable pike-catches of the last few years.
Fortunately I preserve generally the flies of my bigger catches . Trophy pike flies are stocked on a reed grass collected from the water where I caught the fish. 
Maybe so I could help somebody.

Mar 2, 2014

Tiemco TMC Solid Vise

Tiemco TMC Solid Vise Silver Heavy Duty (HD)
Used for my travel fly tying kit.

Testing several tying vises in the past four years, including cheap, noname, medium and high quality products, I can confirm, that quality is not price-dependable at all.
Found good items for acceptable price and low quality for horror price.

This vise can be considered as a very good quality-price compromise.
First of all we examined the steel quality, perfect tool material, like the Petitjean's one.
Japanese steel, japanese quality.

Feb 2, 2014

Gammarus Army

Gammarus flies, colours in "degradé" , ready for deployment
If we observ well, Gammarus species have a very flattened body and most of them have a hump on their back. 
I don't believe in ultrarealistic flies, but may be the shape, the "feeling" and  the colour of a fly is important.
An other important characteristic of the Gammarus flies is their weight. Deeper streams needs heavy flies.
Tungsten beads solve this problem, but what should be done, when a flattened body is needed?
A lead-based, multilayered body may be one solution, although several other techniques may be applied.

Jan 23, 2014

Homage à Marc Petitjean tools

I would like to present my favourite fly tying vise. Some years before, with little after I started fly tying, I decided to obtain a good vise.
Friends, acquaintances showed their tool kit, I obtained some from chance purchase, finally one of my friends offered his Petitjean vise to try it and let me decide after.
I heard about this vise, I knew it already from several pictures, but it appeared expensive.

I noticed that I am involved in top quality promptly as I took it in my hand. Yet before altogether fly I would have been tying with it, it has been thoroughly examined.

Dec 15, 2013

Wonder Wasp Fly

Wonder Wasp

The Hungarian Flyfishers Association (MÜHOSZ) use to organize on the end of the year a flyswap action. Quasi regularly.
This year a wasp-pattern should be tied.
The presented pattern was very effective for me this year for chub.
At the beginning I had problems with the floating ability. 
If an extended body is made of polycelon, the fly dives on its nose, takes are more ineffective, the fly swims, but not naturally.

Tied several variations to improve this pattern, here is the result:

Dec 12, 2013

MuskOx dubbing

Found and interesting promotion on Vimeo about an absolutely new dubbing material, here:

Hope I'll try it a.s.a.p.

Mar 10, 2013

Lightning Flies

Lightning Bug
Fly fishing in medium deep flows usually isn't a big problem, using nymphing techniques and proper wading equipment.  Problems may occur during the dusk, in the evening, or in the early morning. I tried to tye some lightning (flourescent) flies for these situations, increasing the visibility of the nymphs or the streamers.
I beg to remark that these flies are self lightning and NOT shining, they have their own light, after a flash illumination.
Used materials and some samples will be presented.