Dec 15, 2013

Wonder Wasp Fly

Wonder Wasp

The Hungarian Flyfishers Association (MÜHOSZ) use to organize on the end of the year a flyswap action. Quasi regularly.
This year a wasp-pattern should be tied.
The presented pattern was very effective for me this year for chub.
At the beginning I had problems with the floating ability. 
If an extended body is made of polycelon, the fly dives on its nose, takes are more ineffective, the fly swims, but not naturally.

Tied several variations to improve this pattern, here is the result:

Hook:                  #10 Gamakatsu F-22 debarbed
Thread:                black, strong
Body:                  black antron yarn, yellow polycelon
Rib                      black antron yarn
Legs                    yellow seal fur
Para-post             light-grey polypropilene yarn
Para-hackle           grizzly cock feather
Head                    black antron yarn

Please follow the SBS sequence:

Fix the hook, tie in the body thread
Form a tapered underbody from polycelon
Form the tapered body
Form the ribbed conic body. It's not so easy!!!
Laquer with UV resin to fix the ribbing material, othervise it will be losen after a few casts!
Form the head at the same time
Tie in the polypropilene post
Place a small amount of seal fur in a loop and swirl
Form the legs

Tie in a grizzly feather
Form a high density hackle
Whip finish on the post!!!
Laquer the head, put an UV resin drop on the base of the hackle and fix the resin.
The fly is ready.
Swap wasp army...
...and the colonel

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