Feb 2, 2014

Gammarus Army

Gammarus flies, colours in "degradé" , ready for deployment
If we observ well, Gammarus species have a very flattened body and most of them have a hump on their back. 
I don't believe in ultrarealistic flies, but may be the shape, the "feeling" and  the colour of a fly is important.
An other important characteristic of the Gammarus flies is their weight. Deeper streams needs heavy flies.
Tungsten beads solve this problem, but what should be done, when a flattened body is needed?
A lead-based, multilayered body may be one solution, although several other techniques may be applied.


Hook:         Tiemco 2457, or eqv. #6, 8, 10, 12 or whatever
Thread:       Hends Twist, maching colour. Try to use as fine thread as possible to avoid forming a "fat" body.
Body:          Mix of hare, seal and spectra dubbings
Rib:             monofialment maching the Gammarus' size (0,20 - 0,30 mm)
Shellback:    body stretch or some shining materials
Head:          mainly dark (black) thread.

The weight of these patterns is between 0,5 and 1 grams, depending on the hook's size.

Dubbing mix
See my multilayer technique, and the result in my flybox:

Thread foundation

First flat lead layer

Second layer

Add several layers

Flatten and equalise the lead strata, take care of thread!!!

Form a small globule to monofilament and fix it with thread

Apply dubbing wax

Twist the dubbing...

...and swirl over the body

Fix the body stretch with thread at the hook eye and cover the body with it
Rib the body with the monofilament. Apply seven ribs!
 (this is a secret number)

Color the thread with permanant marker (or do not color, it's up to you)

Whip finish

And  rub the belly of your gammarus to create the gills and legs

See some patterns of my "Gammarus army":

Flat bodies. The olive ones (left corner) are tied by Gál Zsolt


  1. Simple and great idea for body forming. I'll follow you.

  2. Thanks! -)
    It is not my idea, I gave only an advice to use fine thread for tying, to leave enough room for the lead wire.

  3. superbe mustele !! bravo !!!! asa fac si eu gamarusi !,

  4. Multumesc! Ma gandesc ca n-ar fi rau sa fac picioarele (branchiile de fapt) din materiale mai suple, mai fine, poate CDC, potarniche, sau asa ceva.