Mar 2, 2014

Tiemco TMC Solid Vise

Tiemco TMC Solid Vise Silver Heavy Duty (HD)
Used for my travel fly tying kit.

Testing several tying vises in the past four years, including cheap, noname, medium and high quality products, I can confirm, that quality is not price-dependable at all.
Found good items for acceptable price and low quality for horror price.

This vise can be considered as a very good quality-price compromise.
First of all we examined the steel quality, perfect tool material, like the Petitjean's one.
Japanese steel, japanese quality.

Tiemco TMC HD vise comes pre-assembled.
You can observe the stem with the vise mechanism, the base plate and the imbus tools, necessary for mounting, demounting and adjusting the vise.

The stem is fixed with a screw to the base plate.
This one is rather raw quality, cannot be compared to the Petitjean tools' surface finishing.

Jaws are removable. The vise can be taken to pieces, and is equipped with a single pair of chuck.
The point of the chuck is quite robust, although this is acceptable for the common hook sizes between 4/0 and #18.

Mr Paskay, who owns a similar item, gave me the idea to manufacture some new, finest chuks for medium and small hook sizes.
By puchasing the proper tool steel, my engineer colleague solved this problem.
Theese ones are hardened to proper quality.
See the chuks from left to right:
midge, medium and standard pieces.

Standard jaw fixing a 4/0 hook.

The same with a common size hook (#16).

 Medium size with a relatively big nymph-hook.

Medium jaw with a #18 hook. Perfect assembly.

Midge accessory fixing a #21 fine Tiemco midge hook.
Midge jaw with a #30 Varivas ultralight and ultrafine hook.
This is the smallest extremity for flytying hooks, my opinion.

The fixing of the hook is performed in an acceptable way. Surface finishing in medium quality, imbus tools have to be used regularily while tuning different heights, disassemblings etc.

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