Dec 26, 2012

Big Hole Demon

Big Hole Demon CDO Streamer (olive)
Once upon a time I found a streamer pattern on the web, called Big Hole Demon Silver. Tried several times for trout and it works. The frontal body is voluminous and pushes the water, the tail and the hackle prevents lateral deviation during retraction. The original fly has a body formed partially from silver tinsel. I considered, that there is a big lack between the tail and the body, therefore I renounced to the silver tinsel, despite the fact that it is shiny and attractive, but filling the bare section with something bushy (eventually cul d'oie) the fly is more balanced and produces more turbulence.

Follow my SBS proposal for tying a Big Hole Demon CDO streamer!

Dec 16, 2012

Pearl Streamer

Pearl Streamer (black and pink)

Smaller size marabou streamers collapse during retracting in the water, they are skinny and their real benefit is showed only when the fly is stopped during the towing, when they show an irresistible pulsation.

If we tye them with stouter body, with more feather, they will be more „muscular” during the towing, the water is pushed better, more traces are left, but at the time of stopping a pulsing tassel will be formed, which is not beneficial in all cases.