Jan 17, 2015

Pikes and Flies

I sorted out some memorable pike-catches of the last few years.
Fortunately I preserve generally the flies of my bigger catches . Trophy pike flies are stocked on a reed grass collected from the water where I caught the fish. 
Maybe so I could help somebody.

Jezero Joca. Rainy day and hungry pikes.

This streamer worked very well for me but the winner was a big, 10 inches long streamer...

... called "The Pink Monster". Even the smaller pikes attacked it.
Hardly could be used small streamers.

My biggest pike (107 cm), caught on a silent lake in Hungary, late autumn...

...striked a medium sized Deer Hair Zonker.

Pike from the so called "S2" lake. Windy day, many losses, but this one saved the day.

The winner fly (racoon head)

Pike portrait from the same lake.

This articulated streamer has been inspired from Simon Graham's website.
I call it "Garbage Streamer", because is tied from small rests of any type of zonkers, which normally cannot be used for streamers.

Very effective even for mussels...

A wonderful-colored pike (90 cm) from the Tisza river. This one I caught with a spinning rod, but with a so called "Jig Streamer"
We couldn't fish otherwise the deep water (10-11 meters).
Generally I don't like spinning.

I lost the original fly, but it looked some like this. Big 3/0 sized, debarbed jig hook, and a 20 grams lead-head. 

Wonderful pike (100 cm) from the Tisza-lake last year. Lucky day, lucky man.

The winner streamer was a simple bunny with weed-guard.

...waiting for the following ones...

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