Jan 28, 2013

Reincarnation of a Walnut Tree

A few years ago, a wind-storm plunged the neighbour's walnut tree into my yard.
I got the trunk of this huge tree as compensation.

I cut out a lot of three centimetre thick boards of this.

After three years of drying on the attic, I got a lot of beautiful timbered walnut boards, and with careful handwork a lot of flyboxes, consisting of two massive pieces.

They were embellished and glossed by polishing and got a final varnish with shellac.

Their inner size has been tailored to fit perfectly to C&F system FSA-1500 series flybox inserts.


  1. Tu faci cutiile ? sunt superbe !!!

  2. Multumesc!
    Mda, intr-un fel! In cooperare cu un tamplar, care lucreaza la mine.
    Am confectionat sabloanele de rigoare si da-i! Am vreo zece bucati. Si mai facem. Se mai pot subtzia putin, sa fie si mai elegante, dar sa nu devina fragile. Si vom incerca si niste inscriptii frezate.