Jan 12, 2013

Camera Holder

If we would like to take flytying pictures, snapshots or movies from a fixed position, facilitates the subsequent works very much, if the camera is fixed firmly in place raporting to the fly (or to the vise).

A camera holder was made ready based on Mr. Paskay’s (MCI) idea and can be fixed to the vertical rack pole of the vise. 

Onto this it is possible to fix the photo machine and with which a constant exposure quality can be reached.

After some test shoots, we may be sure that all of the pictures of the series are sharp, will be well enlightened (or maybe badly, but equally).
Much better results can be reached, the pictures will be more sharply using 8-10 seconds self-timer exposure, avoiding the trembling of the camera.
The raw material of the rack is aluminium, and it is consisting of two bars forming an angle which can be set up optionally with each other and subsequently the distance between the lens and the fly as well.
There are some bores in one, with 0,1 mm bigger diameter than the the vise rack, the other bar has a longitudinal milled slot, with a joined age steel screw inside. With this component the camera can be adjusted and fixed, having a standard photo spiral (thread), hitting to all photo machines. Its other end inner thread hits with a M6-os wing screw, and it is possible to fix the camera with this.

An important component is the elastic silicone rubber spacer, its role is to fix the camera, avoiding its mechanical injury.
The length of a rack is cca. 21 cm (9 inches)

See some pictures, which are possibly more understandable:

Good and useful tool!
If you are interested, I can inform you that I have 5 pcs. in stock, fitting Marc Petitjean vises, but they are not for sale, you can offer fly tying materials or tools in cca 50 Euro value. Only exchange interests.


  1. Hi,good looking,well built and useful accessory! Do you have any left for exchange?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, I do. Please make your bids.
      BR, Brucis51