Jan 2, 2013

Basic Flytying Travel Kit

A recycled manicure set's vallet
Many people believes, that for tying efficient flies we need only some basic materials. This is so presumably, but one of the most interesting occupations of the flyfishing - according to me – is flytying, what is distinguished hobby on wintertime and the case of very grim weather as well.

If we leave to lead to angle somewhere it’s recommended to carry with ourselves a basic fly tying kit, which everybody compiles according to his own idea.

I consider important to bring suitable materials for the aim fish. If we go by a car and there is enough place, we can carry anything then, it is necessary to think through the thing well in case of lacks of space on the other hand.

So follows my trout and grayling basic flytying kit:

A small wallet with all tool neccesities

Tweezers, scissors, crochet hook, cheap nailcutter for lead and copper wires, twister, hackle plier, hair stacker, needle, vise, whip finisher and a small bobbin holder. Important is that everything should be slight and not so expensive. If you lose them, you're not going to sorrow. Keep your extra tools at home!

Tungsten beads, threads on sewing-machine bobbins- basic colours, fine wire, hare, seal, antron and spectra dubbings, lead wires, heat shrink tubing, plastic and glass beads,  plastic and metallic eyes
Hook assortment. Please note, that I use flat plastic boxes with magnetic foil to prevent friction during transporting

Plastic materials: polycelon, rubber legs etc.

Some zonker strips

Cul de Canard and Cul d'Oie feathers as much as I can. There're my favourites
Marabou, guinea fowl, different hen and cock feathers, ostrich herls
Arctic and red fox hair

Pheasant body feathers

Pheasant tails

Pardo feathers
Peacock herl, quill and different pheasant feathers
Turkey feathers and golden pheasant parts
Turkey and goose biots, other pheasant tails
Bucktail and coyotte hair
Deer and elk hair
Duck flanc
Hackle feathers and peacock herl
Dubbings, vallet and some tools arranged in a 30×15×8 cm bag

Everything is inside, the bag is full

...and closed...

...with a waterproof zip fastener
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Happy New Year!  


  1. Well organised! And that tiny bobbin holder! Cool stuff. Now I've some 'faint' idea about what I need to reach.
    Keep on posting.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. It is only an idea.
    I can observ now, that I forget the glue. I never put the glue in the flytying box, I had problems. Keep it separately!

  3. Nice survival kit (and even more)! How about that small, vice-looking gadget? Does it hold the hooks properly?

  4. There is: http://www.taimen.com/en/hu/product/streamside-tool-kit_5917/93049
    Obviously this small vice cannot hold hooks bigger than #8. 8-10-12-14 or smaller can be handled. The optimum solution should be this: http://www.bamboo-fly-rod.com/product/Tiemco-Fly-Tying-Solid-Vise-HD.html
    but it is too heavy. If there is enough space a solid vise could be very useful.