Feb 3, 2013

Tinned Flyswaps

It may occur that some pretty or memorable flies will never be fished. Exhibition series, gifts, memorable trophy-catchers, flyswaps series or whatever flies can be stored in fly boxes or we may store them exposed hanged onto a wall like ornaments.

The variant which can be hanged onto the wall should be made from a wide-framed, glazed picture frame, which can be obtained ready from the trade. 

See some pictures, which could be more understandable.

Place your flies on a properly sized polycelon sheet. The colour is on your choice

Fix this sheet with drawing pins to the back side of the photo-frame

Don't forget to clean the glass and fix it well with the included internal clamps 

Can be hanged in vertical, or horizontal position.
Flyswap 2012, 
Hungarian FlyFishers Federation

Flyswap 2010, Hungarian FlyFishers Federation

Leading colours: 
Flyswap 2012 - pink
Flyswap 2010 - ye

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