Dec 16, 2012

Pearl Streamer

Pearl Streamer (black and pink)

Smaller size marabou streamers collapse during retracting in the water, they are skinny and their real benefit is showed only when the fly is stopped during the towing, when they show an irresistible pulsation.

If we tye them with stouter body, with more feather, they will be more „muscular” during the towing, the water is pushed better, more traces are left, but at the time of stopping a pulsing tassel will be formed, which is not beneficial in all cases.

I tried to help on this problem by pulling a bigger, bright plastic pearl in the middle of the hook stem. This lifts the marabou feather from the hook, causes turbulence, the tail feathers move much better and the streamer looks stouter, in spite of the fact that little are the substance in it. At the same time the pearl flashes among the feathers.
This method differs in principle from other solutions.
Tapered heads or bead-heads make our fly stouter in a much smaller measure.
Let the pearl not be too big because hooking may be difficult, let it not be too small because the turbulence produced should be low, let it not be made of glass because it breaks easily.
The plastic pearl makes the fly lighter, if we want more weight we can do this by wrapping some lead wire around the hook stem.
Follow my SBS proposal for tying a pink-black trout-streamer!

Hook:                  #6 Fulling Mill
Thread:                black, strong
Body:                   6 mm pink plastic pearl, black marabou, lead wire
Tail:                     pink marabou, some flash strands

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